Post – Operative Instructions

  • Bleeding

    Some oozing of blood is normal following oral surgery and may even persist for the next two days. To control bleeding, place rolled-up gauze directly over bleeding site and bite down firmly. The gauze should be changed every 20 minutes until bleeding is controlled. Avoid spitting as this may increase bleeding.

  • Pain

    Some discomfort may be experienced following oral surgery. Begin taking pain medication as soon as you can. A combination of Ibuprofen (over-the-counter or prescribed), a narcotic (e.g. hydrocodone), and ice applied to the face is recommended to alleviate pain.

  • Take Ibuprofen every 6 hours around the clock. If pain is not alleviated within 40 minutes, take the hydrocodone for additional pain relief.
  • Ice should be applied to the face for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off, for the first 48-72 hours.
  • Swelling

    Swelling of the face may occur following oral surgery. Swelling normally increases through the second or third postoperative day, and then it will begin to decrease. To minimize swelling and pain, apply ice as soon as possible. Tightness or difficulty in fully opening your mouth may occur. As swelling resolves, a normal degree of opening will return.

  • Restrictions

    It is important to eat in order to support healing and to tolerate some of the medications you may be taking. There are only two restrictions: 1) do not use a straw and 2) avoid hard crunchy foods. You may wish to start with soft foods. Be careful not to bite or burn your lip or tongue if these are numb following the procedure.

  • Brushing

    Start to brush/ floss the morning after surgery, including the area of the extraction site. Rinse the mouth following meal times. Good oral hygiene will encourage healing. If you were given a syringe, wait until 7 days after the surgery before using. Use the syringe to flush the sockets afer every meal.

  • Sutures

    If sutures are placed, they will dissolve on their own.

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